Frontier 727-100

This is my latest creation using the card model patterns utilized in my Braniff 727-100 from 2007. This one has Eflite retracts and much smaller fan diameters giving the model a more scale, turbojet look. The video explains the powerplants and packs. Flies great and can damn near thermal in light lift. Weighs 3.5 lbs.

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2 Responses to Frontier 727-100

  1. Eddie P says:

    Hi Neff the Youtube video link doesn’t work right now. I look forward to seeing the video however when the video link get’s posted. I’m a sucker for the old Frontier scheme, it looks sweet on that amazing -100 3 holer! Love the smaller JT-8D nacelles too.

  2. James Frolik says:

    Mr. Neff,

    You are doing something that many modelers have wanted to do for a long, long, L O N G time. Yet only a few have really gotten the dander to do it well (such as Eddie P: Hi Ed, how’s flying the Pacific?)

    Any way, I’m not sure if you’ve seen all the RCGroups videos or links to truly scale models. John Borgen of Copenhagen, Denmark, has a DC-9-21 that is certainly worth seeing: If you are even in Copenhagen, you should visit him, as well as Toben Sørensen (SAS captain, retired). If interested and the occasion presents itself, contact me for more information.

    In the meantime, I will keep abreast of your videos. Sincerely nice work … the models, that is.

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