Welcome to the World of Neffwaffe, a Depron Odyssey….


My name is Mike Neff. I build and fly jumbo Depron Airliners. Myself and a crew of 6 fellow airline pilots make vids for YouTube chronicling our exploits. Whether roughing up townies in sawdust joints or filming in precarious circumstances, my gang get the job done. Their participation and support let me bring our misadventures to the world thru cyberspace. Through this site we hope to entertain and educate like minded aeromodelers.

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5 Responses to Welcome to the World of Neffwaffe, a Depron Odyssey….

  1. Clay says:

    Welcome Neffwaffe!! I hope we are ready for all the antics to come.


  2. Lee Harvey says:

    Love it. Glad you started this porn for plane site, finally!!!

  3. Leon Dreier says:


    The site is looking GREAT!

    Just ordered the P-40 from NitroPlanes.com!

    Let me know when your in the BIG D and I will come out an fly. Its been pretty windy lately.

    See ya!


  4. RiceBall says:

    Boyington, I waiting for you…..

  5. Aaron Smith Wallace says:

    Ecxellent site Mike! Look forward to it’s development. New version of Airfeild’s P-51 available with more details, better fit, and… a retractable tailwheel! All it needs is flaps!


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