I’m a 757 First Officer for a major airline and have been an aeromodeller since I was a child. In around 1982, my cousin got a Cox Double Eagle Sailplane. Both our Dads were gas modellers and members of a local club but, now, WE had something we could run riot with. From there we towed sailplanes with everything from kite string on foot to 4 wheeler quads, many using recycled wings and fuselages Frankensteined together. As we got older, we got into big gas models. Then, “electric” came….my deepest childhood fantasies of flight were becoming a very real possibility…

As a wee, wee child, I would play with my Grandad’s static models. He was a retired DC-9 Captain and that retirement model of his is lucky to still exist: It got zoomed around their house with my candy and Dr. Pepper soaked paws for hours every visit. If it could only fly, radio controlled, like Dad’s many planes…..

Thirty years later, they do: Jumbo RC airliners powered by quiet, electric motors. Light wing loadings that allow them scale approach speeds and the ability to operate outta local parks. Reliable engines that make multi-engined projects doable and safe. All of this was made possible by the brushless electric engine and EDF fans…

And guess what? I still can’t believe that little kid’s dream DC-9 is really flying around this soccer field!

Mike Neff

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  1. Mark Ferguson says:


    This is like a dream come true man. I’m so happy that you’ve done this, opening your own website. I’ve been a fan of yours since I discovered R/C Airplane videos on youtube, and have saved (favoured) all of your videos. My son who’s finishing up his instrumentation training as I write this (then on to multi-engine training) intends on becoming a commercial pilot. It’s because of his dream (and also the fact that he works as a flight attendant), my interest in airplanes has skyrocketed. I’m a model railroader, but my new hobby of interest is r/c Commercial Airplanes like you fly and EDF Model builds, and if ever I were wealthy, I’d love to have anything that Peter Michel builds with the turbine engines! But it was you that got me interested in this seemingly fun hobby. Thanks for that! Good luck with the site, and I have yet to go up with my son, I know that I’ll have to one day soon to show him support, but I’d rather go up in a Boeing than a Cessna! BTW, is it at all possible to mount a wireless cam in/on a plane to give us a cockpit view much like you have when you’re actually flying?

  2. Manish Patel says:

    Hey Mike,

    Nice work. I have the very same DC-9 plans you used for your DC-9. If you get a chance shoot me an e-mail. Have some questions on the DC-9 design. Im enjoying all your video’s and look forward to future projects of yours. Thanks again!!!

    Happy Landings, Manish

  3. Darren says:

    Hiya fellow commercial aircraft nut! I am sooo pleased to have stumbled across your website finally, I have seen so many of your designs in videos and everytime I have researched my next airliner project I would see your example and be in absolute awe – but was very frustrated not to find decent info and details of you or your builds until now 🙂 I build quite differently to you in terms of construction techniques but like you I don’t settle for anything but the highest quality of finish and detailing and seem to choose the same aircraft types as you. Keepo it up man and keep documenting your work – you are a gift to the modelling community and the davinci of depron!! Do you offer plans on any of your designs? where can this be found….we hae limited access to depron here in South Africa but I was forunate to have scored a box of 3mm sheets so would love to try a ‘Neffwaffe’- style airliner if possible.

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