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  1. WOW!!!!!
    First time I had the opportunity to see the L-188 totally finished.
    Quite beautifull indeed!

    Man, I bought that german cardmodel of the Electra II and made all the extensions of the original drawings to 2 meters wingspan.

    My hands are scratching to start cutting and building a Varig Airlines version, same I had the opportunity to fly (as passanger) more than 60 times in the São Paulo to Rio shuttle.

    Could you kindly tell me if you made the longerons with plywood or if the whole model was done using depron?

    Warmest regards and UM GRANDE ABRAÇO AMIGO!

    • mike says:

      The whole model follows the card model except for spars in the wings, stabs, and motor mounts. No fuselage longerons, even at the 2 mtere size u speak of u will not need them. -Mike

  2. Mike where you running 4 or two ESC’s? Good work! you still have her?

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