Flying the RV-6 to Baja


Flew the RV-6 to San Felipe, Baja, Mexico on Cinco De Mayo with my pal, Todd Stoller. Cab driver told us about an authentic Mexican cockfight tournament that was going down so we went and had a few beers and tacos. It was rooster thunderdome in there: bloody, brutal, an all out metaphor for the current state of affairs in many parts of that country right now. The port of entry was well run and efficient, though. No paperwork problems or bribery with the Commandante, really smooth. Beaches were nice and the nightlife was, ahem, “lively”. It was great to get acquainted with S. F. as this is the best entry point for deeper forays in Baja like Loreto and Cabo which are both on my list as soon as summer winds down.


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